Sunday, September 6, 2015

colored contact lenses astigmatism

colored contact lenses astigmatism Similar delivered PAC Manager of Johnson & Johnson, Cheni Lee OD, FIACLE, who said that based on the findings of the study researchers from the School of Optometry, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, some time ago, unknown, color pigments on the surface of contact lenses resulted in the level of adhesion of bacteria more high.

"Conclusion The study shows, for the health of your eyes, then you should choose lenses with color pigments are wrapped inside the lens," said Cheni on the same occasion.

Moreover, he added, make sure the color contact lenses capable of delivering sufficient amount of oxygen to the cornea, because the cornea requires oxygen levels high enough.

Aziza added, contact lens wearers are encouraged prioritize security and comfort and a more selective in choosing a lens. "If there is a complaint or a problem when wearing contact lenses, then immediately contact an eye doctor," he added.

Many colored contact lenses that have a pigment color on the outside and inside of the lens, so that the pigment is exposed directly to the cornea of ​​our eyes. Color pigments it should be wrapped in a contact lens, or more precisely between two layers of nodes (layers front and back) so as not to cause irritation, allergies, and abrasion (a wound or abrasion), or infection of the cornea caused by friction directly with pigments color.

Corneas will be closed when wearing contact lenses especially not coat the color pigments, this will cause the oxygen levels were obtained by the cornea becomes low, while the oxygen levels should be obtained to be high. Lack of oxygen and fluids in the eye will cause the eyes to become dry so that the eye will tend to be red and watery.

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